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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Lemonade at Jack's Bistro

I’m not sure what others do when they have insomnia, it looks like I write on my blog.

I have had good intentions about writing about the correct way a restaurant can and did handle a bad situation.

The Who: Jack’s Bistro at 3123 Elliott Street, Baltimore, MD

The When: Last Week – Tuesday, August 28th

The What: Busted water heater on 2nd floor – damaged ceiling

I was in Canton for Koffee Talk Brew Happy Hour, had my token one drink, schmoozed, took some photographs for the web site and decided that I would go to Jack’s Bistro which was just a couple blocks. I’ve heard a lot of positive things about Jack’s so off I went to sit at the bar, peruse the scene and get a light bite.

Upon entering I see the chef and others sitting at the bar. “I’m sorry we’re closed” one of them stated and explained the busted water heater that destroyed part of the ceiling. "Here, please take this gift certificate and use it on your next trip, sorry for your convenience. Here is some crab salad to go."

I can think of many other places who would have just put a note on the door and gone home but these are very savvy people, they truly took the lemon and made lemonade. Before I left they handed me a walk-away menu with their specials.

Disappointed they were closed? Yes. Will I be back? Yes, and with friends.

P. S. The crab salad was excellent.

Jack's Bistro in Baltimore

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