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Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Mystery Hot Sandwich

Time to catch the bus back to Baltimore from New York. The bus leaves at 4 p.m. and they ask you to be there 30 minutes ahead. This was my first time on what are commonly called the Chinese buses that transport you to New York and back to Baltimore for $35.00 round trip. That is a whole other story.

The weather was on and off rain and I have learned from one previous trip to be prepared. I head off with a trash bag over my rolling luggage and umbrella in hand. I get off the subway and have a 6 block walk. I'm running late and the bus was waiting but it was still about 3:40 p.m. I stake my claim on two seats hoping that the bus doesn't get full. Even with the umbrella, my hair is dripping wet and my glasses steamed up. I scramble off the bus looking for food. My immediate options were a bakery or little stores where they sell beverages and snacks. I walked into one and asked for food. He said "I have hot sandwich" - I go okay and grabbed a bottle of water - $4.00.

The sandwich was on a crispy sub roll. It was colorful, I recognized carrots, mayonnaise, a pickle and some mystery meat. Not lunch meat, maybe a sausage of some kind. There was some cilantro. I was starving (I only ate breakfast), I was tired,
and I was I indulged in the mystery hot sandwich.

As the bus pulled out of E. Broadway I saw a PHO place and wished I had known it was there and had time to have grabbed that instead of the mystery hot sandwich. If you have a clue of what I ate, let me know. I tend to think it might be Vietnamese in origin.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like bánh mì which I love. I only wish you could get decent bánh mì (OK, any bánh mì) in Baltimore. Here is some info about bánh mì.


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