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Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm Hot, I'm Flushed and I'm Done

While the last of the three batches of Matzoh brittle I baked is chilling I thought I would dash up to the computer and get you the recipe.

It was Kitchenography’s and Black Coffee and a Donut’s blogs that mentioned the brittle and I was inspired to try it on my own. So I don’t know if I owe them a debt of gratitude or hold my expanded waistline and high sugar count against them. Black Coffee and a Donut linked to David Lebovitz’s webpage which is the recipe I used (Click Here). I took David’s suggestion and put some fine sea salt in the butter and brown sugar mixture and added ½ teaspoon of vanilla once it was off the stove. You will note the recipe on Kitchenography’s post was the recipe that inspired David Lebovitz’s recipe- it was by Marcy Goldman.

Matzoh brittle is a Passover treat, though it is enjoyable all year long. It is made with the unleavened bread, Matzoh. If you have never seen Matzoh, it looks like a big cracker. The brittle is covered with a caramel, baked, and then topped with chocolate. You have the option to add your own assortment of additional toppings like toasted nuts or dried fruit. Once topped, chill the brittle for 30 minutes and break into pieces. I topped mine with assortments of dried cherries and cranberries, slivered almonds, fleur de sel (French sea salt ), and coconut.

For many years my friend and former co-owner of Glasz CafĂ©, Nona Nielsen Parker, would make pounds upon pounds of this sweet treat. As a friend, I was privy to free samples. Nona now works for Ned Atwater at Atwater's at Belvedere Square and makes the matzoh brittle for his clientele. You can purchase the chocolate-caramel creation for $16.99 a pound at Atwater’s or Tenzo Artisan’s version at 1016 S. Charles Street where it is sold by the square of matzoh for $4.00. (The bakery is open on Saturdays – call in advance other days for pick up 410-302-6233.) And the final “or” is you can do like I did and make it yourself. Either way, purchasing or making it, you need taste it.

O K, now I’m cool, I’m lacking color and I’m taking a break. Ciao!


theminx said...

I've made the same thing with saltines. For heaven's sake, don't buy it for $17 a lb when it's so easy to make at home! lol

Anonymous said...

So easy to make and soooo good! I'm lucky, my son consumed most of the batch I made thereby saving me from myself.

I found David's post after I made mine but I plan to add the salt and vanilla to my next batch. Fabulous idea!

Erin said...

See, I told you it was like crack! So delicious - I'm glad to hear the recipes worked out well, and my apologies for the addictiveness of this calorie-laden treat! ;)

The dried fruit is a great idea. I bet using dark chocolate and dried cherries or cranberries or even raisins would be awesome.


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