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Friday, October 17, 2008

Do You Think There Is A 20 Minute Wait for Carryout?

The fascinating West Lake Restaurant in the Hunan Provence of Changsha, China is by Guinness’s record book the largest Chinese Restaurant in the world with 5,000 seats. Other than our current economic woes, the largest problem for restaurants is staffing. West Lake has 1,000 on their staff with over 300 chefs manning five kitchens – yalza!!! Do you think there is a 20 minute wait for carryout?

I apologize profusely about missing advance notice to you on the airing of the documentary on West Lake Restaurant on the Sundance Channel. I was besieged with a crashed computer and auto accident plus two extended trips- it wasn't a good month. Hopefully it will be re-run. Here is a LINK to a video clip at the Sundance Channel for more in depth information - warning it may be a bit to graphic for some. Another video on West Lake Restaurant is below for your enjoyment.

I’m wondering where is the largest restaurant in the world? (I saw a video on a restaurant in Syria with 6,000 seats). Which restaurant in Baltimore do you think is the largest?

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