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Monday, August 08, 2011

Launch party for Copper Kitchen catering at Silo Point wows!

Executive Chef Kevin Miller, formerly of the closed Ixia Restaurant, is the main talent behind Copper Kitchen catering.  Chef comes to the table not only a talented chef, but he has  a degree in pastry and a food stylist extraordinaire.  Miller partnered with Jennifer DeVos of Widespread Concierge Services expanding their services  with catering and event planning  which grew by leaps and bounds and deserved a name more befitting Kevin’s talents, hence – Copper Kitchen catering.

Chef Miller has a great understanding of both the taste and the visual of food.  We eat with our eyes as much as our other senses.  The launch party at Silo Point had such a visual wow factor, especially the two story centerpiece table, the food presentation and of course the view from the penthouse at Silo Point

Continue reading, watch video and enjoy slide show:   Launch party for Copper Kitchen catering at Silo Point wows!

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