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Friday, April 03, 2015

Fire and Ice 3 course pre-fixe dinners at Bonefish Grill

Just last night the local Bonefish Grill was jamming with families, from grandpa in his walker to the women carrying a 4 month old.  I know Bonefish always does a good, thriving business, but it seemed families were together, in town, gathering for the upcoming holidays. If you are a person who holds true to only eating fish on Good Friday you definitely have a broad selection at Bonefish Grill.      

My neighbor and I specifically went to Bonefish Grill to taste their new limited time Fire +Ice Pre-Fixe menu selections, their taste of spring.  The folks representing Bonefish Grill sent me a gift card for $50 – enough to take a guest. In the end, all we added was $10 for a tip.. The main course choices:

 •       Cold Water Lobster Tail — Steamed and seasoned, served with warm drawn butter, crispy smashed Yukon Gold potatoes and spring sugar Snap peas. 19.90
•       Shrimp + Scallop Firepot — Jumbo shrimps and scallops finished firepot style, served with rustic cut vegetables and Yukon gold potatoes. Finished with spring sugar snap peas. $23.50
•       Grilled Lamb Chops — Seasoned and lightly caramelized, served with crispy Yukon gold potatoes. $24.90
•       Oscar Turbot — From the land of fire and ice, Greenland Turbot is sautéed Piccata-style and topped with jumbo lump crab meat and asparagus. Served with mushroom ravioli, spring peas and roasted pepper. $27.90

Check out the full story and slideshow HERE

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