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Saturday, September 05, 2015

New Hibachi restaurant opens in Glen Burnie: Sake Japanese Steakhouse

Gather family, friends, neighbors and your high school graduating class, they will all fit inside the 18,000 square foot Sake Japanese Steakhouse. Manager Jack Wang advised it has the most hibachi flat iron grills for teppanyaki, twenty of them, making them the largest hibachi grill restaurant in the country.  Sake Japanese Steakhouse, located in a shopping center, seems to have filled what might have been a supermarket space but most recently a Chinese buffet. 

You will enter and crossover Koi ponds on both sides, with the restaurant’s bar in your sights and the sushi bar just beyond.  To the left, a private party room with its own hibachi tables and to the immediate right a dining room for those who might not wish to partake of the teppanyaki, hibachi grill lunch or dinners, but enjoy their diversified Asian menu items like Pad Thai, Korean BBQ Kalbi short ribs.  To the far right, a dining room, nicely decorated with Japanese theme d├ęcor that is designated specifically for the hibachi grill dinners.  

Watch the video, slideshow and get the link to special Labor Day Groupon at Examiner . Com / Dining

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