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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Greek and Korean food mashup - 1 day only - Brusco and Dooby's

Are you one of the great food explorers, stopping at no end to taste what is new and unique then you don’t want to miss this melding of ethnic flavors from Brusco and Dooby’s.

One day only, this Friday, May 6th from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. come to Cava’s luncheonette Brusco at  1302 Fleet Street in Harbor East for a mashup of Mediterranean and Korean flavors.  Get your falafels with kimchi-cucumber, and soy ginger, or lamb dumplings and other great casual bites that blends Dooby’s, Korean inspired café’s cuisine and Brusco’s modern day flavors from Greece:

Falafels // kimchi-cucumbers, soy-ginger ($6)
Lamb Dumplings // spicydill vinaigrette ($7)
Gyro Buns // tomato, feta, harissa, tzatziki, spicy hummus ($7)
Korean BBQ Gyro // wasabi crema, tomato, pickled onions ($9)
Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich // tzatziki slaw, spicy pickles ($9)
Greek Salad // choice of Korean BBQ gyro or Falafel ($10)
GREEKOREAN fries // spicy-G sauce, creamy feta, oregano ($3.5)
Kimchi Potato Salad ($3)
Fruity Pebble Rice Krisipies ($3)
HoneyGreek Yogurt & Black Sesame Gelato custom made by Dolcezza Gelato ($5)

 “We’re fortunate to have an amazingly collaborative community of chefs and restaurants to
give rise to mashups like these. I’m particularly excited about this popup, as the flavors go
so well together. It’s really a dream come true to merge both Greek and Korean casual fare.”
Phil Han, Dooby’s

No reservations necessary, it is simple counter service – you can order online through

Where: Brusco’s in Cava – Harbor East – 1302 Fleet Street – Baltmore, MD  11 am to 8 pm.  Instagram: @doobysbmore  Facebook: DoobysBmore Instagram:  @eatbrusco  Facebook: EatBrusco 

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