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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Amazing beer and food pairing at Fleet Street Kitchen

Honestly, I thought I hated beer but a recent food and beer pairing from MillerCoors turned me around. 

The only beer I remember having that tasted any good was at the Bluebird Bar on South Carolina Avenue in Atlantic City circa 1968. Not a far walk off the beach to the bar with a friend who treated me to a beer, it was cold, it was wet and it had been a sizzling 100 degrees out in the sun.    

Circa 2016 and an invite by MillerCoors to their Tasting Room,  a multi course beer and food pairing  at the highly touted Fleet Street Kitchen arrived.  Normally I don’t do beer or coffee – I have too many bitter receptors.  A friend and mentor, Antoinette Bruno of had recently encouraged me to taste EVERYTHING when we were at a local coffee shop, even if it isn’t in my culinary roundhouse 

Check out the slideshow and menu at my Dara Cooks blog post at Baltimore Post Examiner.

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