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Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm A Cookbook Junkie

Yes, you heard me correctly, a cookbook junkie - unfortunately Betty Ford didn't set up anything for us cookbook junkies at her clinic. I also have another uncontrollable need: plateware and platters....thank goodness I go to Ross for Less back in their housewares to feed my addiction. I also hit Ollie's Discount House where I discover some of my best cookbook finds(author/chefs Eric Ripert and Giuliano Bugialli).

Today, in the mail, was a copy A Fistful of Lentils by Jennifer Abadi along with my March issue of Bon Appetit. I would say I'm at about 200 cookbooks. That is mild, I met a women who had over 2000 cookbooks - she needs restraints.

Okay, to work tonight on Tenzo Artisan's electronic media kit, finish the Women Chef's PR & Marketing conference call notes or hunker down with A Fistful of Lentils? I think we all know the answer.

At a quick glance A Fistful of Lentils offers a nice family history, little story here-and-there on the recipes.

After dinner destination - the reading chair.

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