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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Did Someone Say Raw Bar

What makes one eat their first raw oyster? It definitely doesn't have eye appeal. For me it was my dad who seemed to relish the bivalves and if it was good enough for dad it had to taste good. I remember trying the oysters time-and-time again and eventually learned to love them. Poor dad from then on he had to share.

This was a discussion last night at our table during the women chef's dinner at Abracrombie's Restaurant (new owners -new chefs). My table mates and I were discussing what makes you eat the things that you do. We talked how food is subjective in what you have eaten growing up. If your mother always overcooked steak then you like well done steak or your mom's matzo balls where soft and fluffy that is what you expect and the hard matzo balls were terrible.

What has brought on this rant is an email from VIN Restaurant in Towson. They are kicking off a raw bar come March 7th with oysters, shrimp, lobster, mussels, and more. Also on March 13th they will be doing a New England Clam Bake and evening of shellfish and New England regional beers...they are selling tickets now. Vin in Towson

I also have to get to Ryleigh's Oyster in South Baltimore. I think the best in oysters has been at two of the Women Chef and Restaurateurs conferences - one in Seattle and the other in Newport, Rhode Island - all you could eat of the regional oysters. I never thought I could eat enough oysters but I did both times.

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