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Monday, March 17, 2008

You Guys

I have become overwhelmed with the usage of "you guys" in our every day language. How lazy have we gotten in our language skills not to address and say ladies, people or call people by their given name. With all the texting going on and infiltrating our daily language it will soon be UG.

I'm not the language police but I find being called "you guys" annoying, thrown in a collective group of non-descripts. Go to any chain restaurant, and I'm sure non chains as well and the waitron will be at your table asking "Have you guys decided what you want?"

In researching this a bit it seems "you guys" started around 2000 at the "turn of the century" and now invades every facet of life. Watch you local news reporter's interviews. I won't even start the feminist rant here - I just ignore people who call me you guys.

Join the "stop you guys" bandwagon. I'm going to try to post a daily count for the next week on how many times I hear "you guys" and in what situation. Why? Just to prove this phrase has invade our everyday life. For those subscribers, please feel free to post your own counts in the comments. Understand I work from home and under most circumstances have little interaction with others on a daily basis so this should be interesting.

What's worse about this whole "you guys" situation is that it has slipped out of my mouth. Has it slipped out of yours? Are you willing to help correct this curse upon humanity?

Catch "you guys" later!

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