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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Big Apple - Day One

Hello from the MAC store on 5th Avenue.  I'm psyched for the Fancy Food Show that starts tomorrow.  I hope to do some real time blogging if I can get to the computers in the press room.

Unfortunately I left my camera home and I had a tremendous dinner with my friend Suzanne Fass and her hubby at Sheridan Square Restaurant (only open about 4 weeks)  Suzanne used to work with the chef.  So at the end of the meal chef sent out 5 desserts and glasses of port.  A delightful evening.  I will blog more probably when I get home as to the meal.

The train ride was uneventful as was my stop by at the Javitts Center where I visited with tsp spices, Vanns Spices and the Carribean trade booths.  

My body is in sugar overload.  I have to study the pricing on tsp spices to be prepped to work their booth tomorrow.

That's it now kiddos....time to head back to the apt.

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