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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Food Pornography

Here I am at 6 a.m., licking my monitor’s screen: enticed, titillated, and with uncontrolled yearning. It was wrapped in a virtual brown paper wrapper, an innocent e-mail newsletter from that touted "Father’s Day Grilling Tips" in the subject line. There I was the lamb heading to the slaughter (pun intended).

I perused the stories and there, innocently stuck in-between #7 Jim Clarke's Sincere Musings on Sancerre and #9 Top 10 Jobs on JobFinder was # 8 Recent Tasting Photos From New York: Gordon Ramsey, Morimoto, Adour, Beards Awards and more. I clicked, and I was hooked: picture after picture of the most delicious food and drink, I was salivating heavily.

Oh no, the whole gallery is there – I’m going to loose the entire day drooling over food, looking at pictures of the great chefs and their food. OH NO! The gallery has photos all the way back to 2006.

No junkie (well food junkie) likes to drool alone – join me: CLICK HERE

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