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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Which Baltimore chef is on Top Chef-Season 5?

Which Baltimore chef is rumored to be a Top Chef contestant? Hear is what Baltimore Foodies newsletter just said:

"Back in our July 28th e-mail, we told you that: "Top Chef Season 5 is now filming in New York City. You do not want to miss this season! Why? I can't tell you yet. But, I recommend, highly, following the blogs about the filming this season. It could be turn out to be very interesting." Well now, two months later, filming is basically finished, and word is leaking out. There are sixteen cheftestants on Top Chef this season. One of the best food blogs,, has received intel on eight of them. Among this eight, is one of our favorite chefs, from right here in Baltimore.

Ladies and gentlemen, according to multiple sources, Executive Chef Jill Snyder, of Red Maple, is one of the sixteen chefs battling for Top Chef honors. has some of the best coverage of this year's Top Chef competition. And to keep all the info in order and easy to digest, they have created Eater's Great Top Chef Map.

1 comment:

John said...

It's about time a local yokel got on the Top Chef show. If it's true, then good luck to Chef Snyder! I'll have to stop by the Red Maple in preparation, no matter ho wmuch money I have to save.


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