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Monday, November 24, 2008

What do they call the night before Thanksgiving?

There is Thanksgiving and then Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, but what is the night before Thanksgiving called? In my single days (back in the Stone Age), it was a night to hit the hotspots, see friends who were back in town visiting, a night to be raucous and rambunctious. I was flashing back to this subject last week when I was at Ra Sushi because the vibe there is full of adrenaline, the food fun and the room allows for movement as opposed to the people-packed-like-sardine-filled neighborhood bars.

This was my second visit to Ra Sushi, my first was happy hour with the Media Mavens. The place was packed that evening and the Ra Sushi food kept flowing. Since I was there this past summer, Ra Sushi has kicked up their happy hour and it would be perfect for the yet unnamed night before Thanksgiving or any night from Monday through Saturday (yes, Saturday). Happy hour starts at 3 p.m. through 7 p.m. They are offering ½ off sushi, ½ off appetizers with $1 Hot Sake, $2 Budweiser, Bud Light and Miller Lite but you can get a Cosmo or Apple Martini for just $4.

Sake to me!

Let me not forget the sake, a rice wine. I got to enjoy a sake tasting with a selection of Ra’s new menu items.

-Hananomai Katana sake which is full bodied and dry with the new Shrimp Shumai and Spicy Octopus & Cucumber Salad

-Kizakura Nigori sake which is unfiltered offering a smooth, light and sweet taste. This was paired with the new beef tataki roll, the pictured mango lobster roll and the Kona Kampachi Nigiri.

-Kizakura Pure sake, a filtered sake that had a smooth, crisp slightly floral taste that paired with Ra’s very popular Apple Teriyaki Salmon

-Sho Chiku Bai Nigori sake another unfiltered sweet sake was an ideal pair for Ra Sushi’s Coconut Crème Brulee.

I remember the excitement of the night before Thanksgiving and hitting the bars with my gal pals, staying up to well, not even going to sleep, and on into Thanksgiving Day. Now I am just happy I am able to remember those days because this gal can barely make it past midnight and the husband would be a serious drag on me hooking up. (LOL)

I tend to digress, so back on subject….is there a name for the night before Thanksgiving?

For more info:
Ra Sushi
1390 Lancaster Street-Harbor East
Baltimore, MD 410 522 3200

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