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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Elvis's gluttony - Tip of the Week

Since today is the anniversary of Elvis Presley’s birth, I was trying to think of a food tip that would be relevant to his birthday. I was astonished to read that on a daily basis Elvis consumed approximately 94,000 calories more than what an elephant consumes, which was noted at 50,000 calories. I guess we can rank the ‘hunk-a-hunk’ up there with the infamous glutton, Diamond Jim Brady.

Tip of the Week

Don’t eat 94,000 calories a day, if you do, that white jumpsuit of yours with rhinestones isn’t going to be as flattering and you might be mistaken for Liberace’s piano. Instead of the world adoring you, you will become the world.

You don’t have to diet; you just need to eat wisely. Julia Child said it most eloquently, “moderation.” She ate well and lived into her 90’s.
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Me said...

I never knew a man could have camel toe!!! EWW!!


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