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Friday, April 24, 2009

New Epicenter for recipes

I just read about a new website that is a central source for recipes from Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Garden, Food and Wine, Chow, Eating Well, Food Network and many other recipe sites. I had to go check the site out and have committed myself to this new endeavor by downloading their toolbar for my browser. From what I can tell it started in December 08 and is still stating it is Beta. The website is and the owners are Scripps Howard owners of the Food Network.

You have the capability of storing the recipes in the site’s recipe box and uploading your own recipes there as well. Maybe I can stop wearing black, I was morning the loss of a feature on my MasterCook program that allowed me to highlight and paste recipes I found on the net into my own web-cookbooks very simply. seems to be your one-stop shop for recipes, the epicenter to a numerous recipes from the major recipe sites and store them in one central location. So if you love recipes go now and test drive and be sure to give us your personal feedback. You can sort your recipes even to gluten-free…CHECK IT OUT.

Don't forget - check out and come back with a review. Is it good, not sure, found a great recipe? Come share your thoughts.
P. S. This in no way has diminished my love of and collecting of cookbooks.

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Sarah said...

I've been using a similar site called RecipeBridge for the past 6 months. I've found lots of great recipes here and it does a great job of helping me refine my searches and
find any recipe on the Internet.


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