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Monday, September 21, 2009

City Cafe much much more than coffee - dine.drink.caffeinate

City Cafe seemed to me to be the go to place for a morning meeting in the Mt. Vernon neighborhood. My assumption came from two meetings I had there and never looked beyond the café area. Who knew, there was a bar and lounge as well as a restaurant in the back.

Owners Bruce Bodie and Gino Cardinale, owners since 1994, finished a complete renovation of all areas of City Cafe this summer and at the same time brought in a new chef.

Read the whole story, watch the video and catch the slide show:

City Cafe much much more than coffee - dine.drink.caffeinate

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1 comment:

EdibleMarie said...

Going back to coffee, I am rather hooked on their chocolate-hazelnut latte.


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