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Friday, December 09, 2011

The Mallet Restaurant & Crabhouse - food and entertainment for all

There is so much being offered at The Mallet Restaurant and Crabhouse in Fallston at the crossroads of Bel Air Road and Route 152 that it is hard to compress it all in one story.  It is a fine dining restaurant, a martini/tapas bar, al fresco dining deck (weather permitting), a raw bar-sushi, lites bites, steamed crabs, and a large entertainment center called the Tiki Bar, which has multiple TV screens, food and holds 300 people.


For me, my connection was Christa and Davide Rossi, former chef/owners of Pazza Luna Restaurant in Locust Point, which was one of my favorite restaurants in Baltimore. Chef Rossi has a deft hand, a good sense of flavors and textures and has never disappointed me with any dish he prepared.

Read the full story and check out the snaps HERE

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Rick Howe said...

We just returned from a very unsatisfactory visit to The Mallet on Saturday, Jan. 28. We made a reservation for 7PM, and arrived at 7:05 (I called ahead to say we'd be a little late). When we got into the restaurant we found a table was waiting for us, with menus at our places. The dining room looked full, and that's always good news for a new restaurant. So far, so good. Our waitress arrived quickly and took our drink orders. It took a bit longer than normal to get out drinks, but that wasn't a problem. The waitress took our orders. And then we waited. And waited. And waited. She brought soft "Parker" rolls after about 40 minutes. I asked her what the problem was, and she said "we have a 60 and a 40 downstairs, and we're busy." At the one hour mark, just as we were ready to get up and leave,she brought our appetizers - Maryland Crab Soup (pretty good) and Flash Fried Rock Shrimp (very good). But after another 20 minute wait, we told our waitress we couldn't wait anymore. I asked the waitress for two things: my check, and the manager. A woman with a red blouse and white hair came up quickly. She wouldn't let the waitress generate our bill. I told her what happened, and she made lame excuses about their small kitchen, taking orders as they came in, blah, blah, blah. Basically she was admitting the owners did not have sufficient kitchen capacity to handle the business they generated. BAD business. She offered our dinner at no charge, but our time is worth more than her food (and frankly, I worry about food safety with a kitchen that is so overwhelmed). So we walked out, and we won't be back. I feel sorry for our waitress, who was unable to generate a check (on which I would have tipped for the entire meal). BAD management, and very poor planning.


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