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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Lunch With: Maryland Humanities Council’s Dr. Phoebe Stein Davis

It was cool to have lunch with Phoebe Stein Davis, Ph.D., Executive Director of Maryland Humanities Council where “opening eyes, opening ears and opening minds” is their mantra. To sit with a stranger at lunch, discuss and share ideas; philosophies, art and food and I get to share that with you in this “Lunch With column.” There is something about breaking bread with someone new, taking the time to get to know what makes their world rock.

  • Dara: Instead of St. Peter at the pearly gates, you met Julia Child, what would she ask you?
  • Phoebe: If you love French food so much, why don’t you ever cook it? I think she would tell me to be brave and bold in my cooking and try making French food. I’m intimidated by all the steps.
Read the full interview, watch the slideshow and video HERE:

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