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Friday, January 03, 2014

Moonstruck, Five Easy Pieces at dinner at the local Jewish Deli

The husband and I were out to dinner at a local Jewish deli this evening. It is in the cycle of neighborhood restaurants that we frequent on Friday nights.  A couple is seated in a booth just behind us. When the waiter comes back to take their order the gentleman starts putting him through hoops with his questions. He, “I see you have Chinese chicken and rice dish special, what’s that like?”  Excuse me, really --- you are in a Jewish delicatessen why would you consider their Chinese chicken and rice dish?

Next it was like a scene from Five Easy Pieces.  He asks, “You have a fish sandwich?” The waiter replies, “yes.” “Can I get that without the bread and can you broil that?”  “No sir, it is battered and fried only” the waiter patiently responded. It was another five minutes of this gentleman breaking down each item. He ordered a salad with the dressing on the side and he wanted them to chop the salad for him. The husband and I are smiling but the best was yet to come.  

Watch the video, get the recipe and read the full story HERE.

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