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Monday, December 15, 2008

Brother, can you spare a dollar?

A friend told me her father hired a part-time helper in his shop and realized the gentleman was not eating lunch. He advised his employee to stop and take lunch. The helper said it was more important that there is food for his children and was skipping the meal. My friend’s father is now keeping peanut butter, jelly, bread and ramen soups for his employees, so no one goes hungry.

Yes, times are tougher for all of us but could you skip the cost of one lunch and send that money to a charity that helps put food on the table for the less fortunate? Could you spare time to help get the food out to those in need? Could you check on friends/family/neighbors/coworkers? - You might be surprised who might be in trouble?

Hunger, hungry children and lack of permanent shelter on a local, national and worldwide level is growing by leaps and bounds. Even though you are cutting back on your decaf latte from Starbucks, there are people trying to figure out how to feed their family of four for the cost of that one coffee.

A friend and local food blogger, the Baltimore Snacker, posted a story about a couple in San Diego who decided to live on one dollar a day for 30 days. Their experiment crystallizes what families are going through. In reality, more and more families and individuals are facing this plight and it will get worse before it gets better. Let me direct you to his story: $1 a Day

Empty plates
We tend to think of the less fortunate around the holiday times. Dining Dish has put up permanent links to two local organizations that help put food on the table, Meals on Wheels and Maryland Food Bank. The links will remain as a gentle reminder that we need to help year round.

The money I usually spend on holiday cards and postage has been donated to charity. What can you do?

For more info:
515 S Haven St
Baltimore, MD 21224
(410) 558-0827
2200 Halethorpe Farms Road
Baltimore, MD 21227
Phone: 410-737-8282

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