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Monday, December 01, 2008

One World Cafe takes the Eat In Season Challenge

Baltimore’s best all-vegetarian dining spot, One World Café, will take Slow Food Baltimore’s Eat in Season Challenge this month from December 8-15. Chef Sue Novak and co-owner Cindy Novak, have created a special locally-sourced, seasonal menu. Anyone who enjoys healthy, seasonal, delicious food will find these options inviting:

Organic split peas soup with baby carrots, leeks and golden potatoes

Cranberry goat cheese salad with organic baby spinach with sliced Clementine, pear slices and toasted walnuts served with pomegranate vinaigrette

Organic butternut squash puree with a pumpkin butter sauce and toasted pumpkin seeds

Root vegetable pot pie with turnips, parsnip, carrot, radish and red potato served over sautéed mustard green with kale and topped with a roasted shallot gravy

Organic red and golden beet stir fry with sweet potato, fennel and crispy tofu sautéed in a sweet and sour sesame sauce served over organic brown rice with candied pecans ( vegan)

Sliced tofurkey with Brussel sprouts in a creamy horseradish sauce served with mashed parsnips and granny smith apple sauce

One World is located at 100 West University Parkway in Baltimore, across from the Hopkins’ lacrosse fields. It is the eighth restaurant to meet the Eat in Season Challenge.

A diverse group of area restaurants has stepped up to take the Eat in Season Challenge, an initiative of Slow Food Baltimore that invites area establishments to serve -- during one week of the month -- a special three-course menu each night with the primary ingredients in each course to be locally sourced, and either currently in season, or traditionally preserved. The metro-wide campaign encourages chefs to be innovative; to create food that otherwise may not be featured or showcased. The Challenge also teaches people about the powerful benefits of eating seasonally.

For more information visit, and click on “Eat In Season.”

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