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Monday, December 08, 2008

SCAN IT! Save Time! Save Money!

As I dashed into my Gucci Giant Supermarket on Old Court Road, at the entrance I saw this new display with hand-held scanners that you take with you in your shopping carts. New technology, I’m game…alas, it kicks off tomorrow, December 9th.

Giant’s new SCAN IT! allows you to scan your groceries, get extra savings, keep track of your total and bag your groceries while you shop. When you are done your shopping you just pay and go!

-When you enter the store you pick up scanner and bags. And at the SCAN IT station scan your bonus card.
-The scanner rack will light up, identifying which SCAN IT! scanner to use.
-Take the scanner and some bags
-Place the bags on the inside of the card and begin shopping

Extra Savings

-Get extra savings exclusively with SCAN IT!
-Special offers just for you every time you use SCAN IT!


-Select an item and scan the barcode
-After scanning the item, place it in the bag and continue shopping

Special Care Items

-Produce: Most produce items can be scanned after printing a label at the SCAN IT! scales in the Produce Department. For items that are pre-packaged, like bags of apples or containers of cherry tomatoes, just scan the barcode on the product.
-Bakery: For baked goods that are sold individually, like donuts and bagels, scan the SCAN IT! barcode on the appropriate sign in the Bakery Department
-Bulk Coffee & Candy: Weigh your bulk coffee and candy during the checkout process.

To remove an item:

-Press the remove button and scan the item
-The item will be removed from the scanner and the total will be adjusted

Pay & Go

-When finished shopping, proceed to the checkout lane.
-Scan the “End of Order” barcode at the checkout area.
-Place the SCAN IT! scanner in the return rack at checkout.
-Scan your Giant Bonus Card at the checkout register and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your transaction
-Pay and Go!

I will report back once I have tried the new system.

I never seem to have my bonus cards when I need them. Maybe I need a personal barcode tattooed on my palm that will cover all this. SCAN IT! convenience for us, time & money savings for us…not such good news for the checkout staff.

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