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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finding Dim Sum near Baltimore – Red Pearl Chinese Restaurant

I heart Dim Sum. Love the rolling carts of small individual steamer baskets serving a selection of Chinese dishes. Actually the translation of Dim Sum is “to touch your heart” or “little heart.” Dim Sum is traditional served as brunch/lunch food. Neighboring Northern Virginia and Maryland’s Montgomery County have a number of places for Dim Sum; the closest we have to Baltimore is Howard County.

Out to lunch

My food partner in crime, Jeff, was in from Florida and thought it a perfect excuse to go try Red Pearl Chinese Restaurant for Dim Sum. Get the full story and check out the slide show:Finding Dim Sum near Baltimore – Red Pearl Chinese Restaurant
Red Pearl on Urbanspoon


Anonymous said...

Zhongshan Restaurant in downtown Baltimore, Park Avenue, has dim sum all day. Delivers from 5pm on nearby.

Anonymous said...

Red Pearl is now closed. Not sure when but as of 4/6/2013 the place is emptied out:(


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