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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Old Salty’s Restaurant: Tales of Dorchester County

Old Salty's Crab Imperial Oysters
When in Dorchester County Maryland no matter if your are on the way to and from Ocean City, doing Iron Man competitions, biking, fishing, birding or touring the historic sites schedule time to drive to Hooper’s Island and dine for lunch or dinner at Old Salty’s Restaurant located at Fishing Creek. Visually the drive to the island offers panoramic views of the Chesapeake Bay on one side and the Honga River on the other side and on the narrow sections of Hooper’s Islands you can see both.

Old Salty’s is located in the old high school, which to this day the gymnasium hosts many a special event from weddings to an upcoming concert from Ronny Dove on September 22. This is destination dining you need to drive there, as many do and have done repeatedly. Old Salty’s is not fancy in the sense of high end surroundings, in fact, that would deter from country feel, the sense of family dining.

 Maryland crab meat, oysters and rockfish are the center of the plate literally and figuratively at Old Salty’s, all come from the waters right there off Hooper’s Island where fishing, harvesting oysters and crabbing have been a way of life for centuries. Read the full story and watch the slideshow HERE.

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