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Friday, October 10, 2014

What does the “O” stand for at The Valley Inn’s “O” Bar

With our Baltimore Orioles so close to the World Series after 27 years one might think that is what the “O” in The Valley Inn’s “O” Bar represents - it doesn't.  The Valley Inn “O” Bar is a great place to watch the Baltimore Orioles (the O’s) efforts to win the World Series: the atmosphere is clubby, intimate and offers delicacies of local, regional and national waterways.  

In reality the “O” stands for oysters in the recently renovated Valley Inn’s original bar space.  The circa 1922 Valley Inn locale was taken over by restaurant entrepreneur Ted Bauer in 2013, renovated and opened earlier this year.  It has been just the past month that the “O” Bar was opened to the public.

The late Ann Wilder, co-founder of Vanns Spices and former employer, loved coming to The Valley Inn for fried oysters, one of the restaurant’s specialties. When taking over The Valley Inn, Bauer, the original owner of the Mt. Washington Tavern and owner of The Oregon Grill, the restaurateur that he is, recognized that oysters should still have a featured place in The Valley Inn’s story.

Check out the slideshow and read the full story HERE.

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