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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Food phobias – what are yours?

As children a majority of us grew up with food hang ups. Hamburger wasn’t my thing but I have grown out of that as well as being a picky eater. The question is have we truly out grown them? I can’t help but think of Everyone Loves Raymond’s character Robert Barone who would touch his food to his face before eating it. Yes, it was a character on a television program although these strange hang ups exist. I remember a friend who couldn’t have his foods touch each other on the plate. My sister’s friend had to smell everything before she ate it. Another friend's child would only eat cereal or lettuce. Have our childhood food phobias overlapped into adulthood, why can’t we get past them?

What is your take on food phobias? Read more: Food phobias – what are yours?

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