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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Apropoe’s restaurant and lounge unveils April 1st at Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel

For months now the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront has been undergoing major renovations to their lobby, dining and beverage spaces. The goal is something more interactive and social allowing guests to work, play and interface. The renovations open the lobby up like a great room with nooks and crannies for drinking, socializing, lounging, grab and go food, dining and even a private dining room and executive meeting lounge. Plenty of 42 inch plasma televisions, WiFi and electrical outlets and USB ports at the bar stay in tuned to the conveniences the public is demanding.  

Let me interject a little personal experience right here. I’m just back from Women Chefs and Restaurateurs conference in Chicago.  We stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel right on the Miracle Mile, a grand dame of hotels. They were amazing; service, the room, banquets BUT they had no lounge space what-so-ever in the lobby. There were no couches or chairs except a handful near the side entrance. We seemed forced into the Michael Jordan lounge or Starbucks if we wanted to interact and socialize.  In the past, the lobby has always been where conference goers interacted before events, after dinner. A salute to Baltimore Marriott Waterfront’s keen eye to spend the millions to revamp  this not so old hotel and make it more social, like home. 

Read the full story and slideshow HERE.

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