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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Madame BBQ food truck takes to the streets for those who love pork

Nikki McGowan, aka Madame BBQ, hit the streets of Howard County with her aluminum sided food truck in November  with her unique pork BBQ, a passion for food, and witty tête-à-tête. If you work or live in Howard County, consider yourself lucky being able to partake of McGowan’s Madame BBQ food truck edibles.

It was a rainy, dismal December day that I spent in Madame BBQ’s food truck off Coca Cola Drive, privy to the inside workings and being fed really, really, really well.  I was perched on the driver’s seat next to their mascot ‘Evil Debbie’ watching Nikki and her assistant Cynthia do their food truck ballet; maneuvering around each other, reaching high, behind and below for the necessary components for the Todd Sandwich. McGowan assembles a seared bun, deviled eggs, a splash of salt, pulled pork, bacon, Sriracha soaked pickles – voila, the Todd sandwich and as different as it might sound, they sold out. Personally, the Todd was an explosion of flavor and textures – a burst of joy in one’s mouth.  You will want a side of Madame BBQ’s Brussels sprouts with bacon and a dose of the snarky, funny conversation with Nikki herself.
The soup of the day was the Porter Cheddar Soup topped with popcorn. Normally, cheese soup with beer would not be something I would order but WOW, after sampling it from Madame BBQ I won’t miss an opportunity to have it again.  And on that rainy, damp day it warmed me through and through.

Check out the complete slideshow and full story HERE

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