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Friday, January 30, 2015

National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day - how will you celebrate?

Investigating back as to when this holiday began Wikipedia says it was a snowy day in the 60s, Rochester, New York, where Florence Rappaport was dealing with two cranky kids because it was too cold to do anything during a blizzard.  It was then that Florence suggested lets have ice cream for breakfast.  It is said these children continued the annual celebration, sharing with friends, classmates even through college.  Her grandchildren came on the scene, spreading the National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day celebration during their travels and now there is even an International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.  

National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is celebrated the first Saturday in February, this year February 7th.  One Baltimore ice cream parlor is telling their customers to roll out of bed and come to The Charmery in their favorite pajamas; in fact, there will be a PJ contest.  Doors are opening earlier that day, at 10 am through 1 pm when guests can enjoy specialty flavors created with morning breakfast, Saturday morning cartoons and homage to the college days of pizza for breakfast:

  • Spro Coffee
  • Cornflakes and Milk
  • Honey Golden Grahams
  • The Smurfs
  • Thunder Cats (with mini eye of Thunderas throughout)
  • Flintstones
  • Cold Pizza

 Check your city for National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day celebrations. If you are in Baltimore, you just might find me in my onesies at The Charmery , 801 W. 36th in Hampden  @TheCharmery Facebook: - I’m thinking a dip of Cold Pizza and Honey Golden Grahams with their Belgian Liege Waffle.

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