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Thursday, September 01, 2005

I Should Be Working

I should be working, working on my public relations, marketing, media service company but I'm intrigued with blogging and I'm typing my first post or in food venacular, putting my fingers in the frosting.

A couple months ago I started the Dining Dish E-Newsletter and have found the information piling up that I want to write about so I thought blogging is the next best way to make the 'foodie' news more timely and available to my subscribers.

My goal is posting anything from local Baltimore & Washington DC food news to new cookbooks hitting the shelves. As I learn the capabilities of blogging the site will be expanded.

Grab a seat as a "child of the 60's" navigates the world of blogging.

May I direct you to two stories in the August 31,2005 Washington Post one from self exiled restaurateur David Hagedorn called On Cheapskates and Scams (POINT) and Phyllis Richman's Ex Critic: Hey! 'Rude' Diners are your Meal Ticket (COUNTER POINT). The conflict is a restaurateur who is burned out by all the shenanigans of the public who tend to abuse restaurants to the former food critic of the Washington Post taking the consumers view. Some where in the middle is the truth. I've waited a table or two in my day and more so, as an avid consumer of many restaurants from the 'quick bite' sandwich shop to the most formal restaurants in the country I see both sides.

You need to sign in at the Washington Post site but its worth the read and would love to hear your comments.

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