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Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm So Confused!

Wednesday for many years was the traditional day the supermarket food circulars came out, they came in the Wednesday paper, and the sales ran Wednesday to Tuesday of the following week. That is why the food section in newspapers were on Wednesdays. A couple of years ago Super Fresh, Giant and Shoppers started distributing their circulars on Sundays in the Sunday newspaper. Then Super Fresh switched to Saturdays. The meantime Safeway remained on a start date of Wednesday. Just this month Super Fresh and Giant are switching to a start date on Friday.

Was there some research that was recently generated to the supermarket industry that states that Friday is the optimum day to change sale items or is this a case of the indians following some loco chief? Can anyone answer why? Inquiring minds want to know or at least this foodie's inquiring mind wants to know.


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