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Monday, July 07, 2008

Green Bananas

A picture speaks louder than words. I have never seen an entire display of bananas that were all green, so green, that I thought Kermit was hiding amongst them. Nere one had the blush of yellow. I pulled out the trusty Kodak to capture this moment, just so I could share.

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Edgar Mercado said...

Seems like you've never had green bananas. They are quite delicious. In Puerto Rico we make what's known as "Guineitos en Escabeche". Some consider it an appetizer or a snack. You boil the bananas, cut them into little cylinders or rings, then mix them with olive oil, vinegar, pepper corns, bay leaves, garlic, salt, onion. I like them served a bit chilled. In Latino stores or Big Boys (Lexington Market) you'll always find green bananas. I'll get you some Guineitos some day.


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