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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Many Restaurants Are Extending Restaurant Week Specials

If you couldn't get to all of your favorite restaurants during Restaurant Week you have a 2nd chance. Numerous restaurants are extending the Summer Restaurant Week's specials. Each are a bit different: some offer just dinners, some have extended it for another week, and some for the entire month of August.

I have received e-notices from a selection of restaurants who are offering extensions and I randomly called restaurants on the list. I did not call all of them, sorry - I'm leaving a little leg work up to you.

My best piece of advice is to call the restaurant you are interested in and see if they are continuing and what they are offering.

Here is the list of restaurants I've put together ~ check them out to see how they are extending the promotion.

Blue Agave
Blue Sea Grill
Brass Elephant
Brasserie Tatin
Pazza Luna
Prime Rib
Ruth Chris
Sotto Sopra

All the restaurants' phone numbers can be found at

Please, be courteous and don't double book reservations, don't "no show." I heard one restaurant had over 200 no shows over a couple of nights. Read my previous story.

Go, have a good time and come back and share your Baltimore's Summer Restaurant Week adventures.


The Baltimore Babe said...

Very nice! Thanks.

Meghan said...

Oh thats great news Dara!


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