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Friday, November 14, 2008

NEW Middle Eastern Restaurant Opens

On Tuesday, Tahina’s opened their doors introducing a new Middle Eastern fast food restaurant concept in Owings Mills. The stylized concept has succinct offerings: falafel, beef or chicken wraps with multiple toppings from spicy goat cheese to the traditional tahini sauce. On the go, grab a snack of hummus with pita chips, falafels or enjoy their fries with the choice of 8 dipping sauces from spicy cucumber to the standard ketchup. They even offer black or green ice tea. This first Tahina’s is serving as a prototype for multiple units.

Tahina’s is just off Reisterstown Road on Owings Mills Boulevard, tucked into the Best Buy’s shopping center nestled between a Noodles Restaurant and Qdoba Mexican Grill near the Ravens headquarters.

I tried the beef, a marinated brisket, with numerous toppings. The beef was so tasty that the next time I think I’ll keep my toppings simpler and enjoy the flavor of the beef.

Yesterday I spoke with Jeff McCabe, one of the partners and he said since opening the doors on Tuesday, business has been very brisk with positive reponses from the customers. Check it out and let me know what you think.

For more info:
10450 Owings Mills Boulevard-Suite F
Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

(Photo - left to right) Simon Haddad, Jeff McCabe, JorySchunick, Morris Scherlis- Partners


Anonymous said...

I just got through eating a meal that I brought home to my family. It was delicious. My husband and I had a falafel pocket and my son had the beef pocket. We also had a side order of falafel but did not get a dipping sauce. The falafel alone was very tasty.
They are a new establishment and the employees are still learning to assemble the pockets and one had to be remade but it was worth the short wait.
Linnea S.- Reisterstown

Anonymous said...

Tahinas is a great new restaurant. The place looks like a chain and the food is great! I had a chicken pocket sandwich with their signature garlic sauce and it was one of the best meals I have had in a while. I also had a side order of "frites" (fries) and some sauces on the side.....dutch mayo and cusabi sauce which were a perfect combination for the fries.
If you are near Owings Mills Blvd, you definitely have to eat there.
Molly P. - Owings Mills

Anonymous said...

wow..what a great new eatery. I try to eat there twice a week.. the falafel tastes like it was flown in from the middle east, and the pitas( beef is my favorite)are fresh, with awesome and fresh ingredients. this place should be a chain....

Anonymous said...

It's a great new place to get a bite in the area!! Food is tasty, staff is friendly, eating area small but cozy... fix your own salad was great, big variety to choose from... Very nice addition to the area eatery! The only addition I would do to the menu is lamb, but it’s me.:-)

Anonymous said...

Just had lunch. Great!!!! Had a chicken pocket w/garlic sauce and hubby had a falafal salad.
So glad to have this addition in the neighborhood.

Cathy D.

Anonymous said...

food good. staff ...smug and juvenile. boy would I like to have had my camera working SUn the 10th. I think next time I will tape the smug and juvenille staff

staff makes me not want to enter this place ever again


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