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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Food - the common denominator

Let’s face facts, everyone has to eat. Food is a subject common to all mankind, without it we are nothing. When talking politics and religion is a general no-no, everyone can talk food. One can be obsessive about food (i.e. me) and others could care less what they eat (hard to believe)-but without food, we are dead.

In its best form, food brings people together at one table where ideas and conversations are shared. I came from a home where the family sat at the table for dinner: no TV, no radio, and no newspapers – only genuine conversation about everyone’s day, their dreams and desires. I am saddened to see that dining together is a rarity in households: to me, this is core to feeling the warmth and love of the family.

Oh, one might be on a diet but one talks about the foods they aren’t eating, shouldn’t eat or want to eat. I am quoting a bit out of context from a book called The Memoirs of Bambi Goldbloom: “Money makes the world go round but you have to eat everyday. There are 4 kinds of people: those thinking about dieting, those dieting, those thinking about eating and those eating.”

On the precipice of 2009 may my wishes be for full plates for everyone, that hunger in this world disappears and hope that over a dinner table somewhere peace can be achieved.

Happy New Year!

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