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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Pick your winners now for Top Chef Duels

The culinary reality show franchise Top Chef which has done numerous configurations on the chef competition theme now brings us Top Chef Duels premiering August 6th.  Bravo just released the names of the competitors in these culinary cook-offs; runner-ups versus runner-ups, winners against winners, finalist against finalist, men against men, women against women and men against women. I wonder if Las Vegas will announce the odds? As an aficionado, avid fan and devout viewer of the Top Chef shows, I’ve picked who I think will win each chef- versus-chef battle.  See the competitors list of dueling chefs below and my picks for winners from each head-to-head battle.   

In Top Chef Duels, competing cheftestants take part in 3 challenges; two based on each chef picking a challenge that will focus on the other’s perceived weakness, i.e. baking, butchering, unlikely international cuisines…we don’t know but it will make it interesting. The third and final challenge decides who moves on to the finale where the 9 duel winners compete for $100,000 prize money. 

Find out who the competitors are and who I think will win HERE.

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