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Friday, March 25, 2016

International guide to the best pizzas worldwide: Where To Eat Pizza

What constitutes the best pizza? Well, we all have different tastes: deep dish, thin or thick crust, pan baked, coal or wood burning oven, round, square, lots of toppings or minimalist, old school or nouveau. 

Daniel Young, the former restaurant critic of The New York Daily News and London’s pop-up pioneer behind, reached out to chefs and culinary mavens world-wide, 121 regional experts, to find the best of the best pizzas and the end result is Where To Eat Pizza,  coming to bookshelves in April. This was no small feat: 576 pages, 48 countries, 1705 pizzerias, 1077 experts equals this one guide: Where to Eat Pizza. These are the top pizza parlours, pizzerias and joints in 48 countries world-wide listed in this compendium, but the discussion on the best slice is always in play.

From Argentina to Vietnam, no matter your travels, you can and will be able to find the best pizza the city has to offer, and there is more than one per location. Each pizza parlour is complete with an address, phone number, website, hours, credit card or cash, style of pizza and their recommended pizza and the local expert’s commentary. From the best crusts, to the tastiest toppings --- you will not be disappointed.

Author Daniel Young reached out to me to coordinate the experts for the Baltimore pizza picks.  A thanks to my culinary experts: Chef Cyrus Keefer, Kathy Patterson, and Downtown Diane for their submission to the book:  

What local places made the Baltimore pick - well you may or may not agree:

Bagby Pizza (The original one on Fleet Street)
Earth, Wood & Fire
Johnny Rads
Matthew's Pizza
Our House
Verde Pizza

The book cover says it best, “This international guide is by the real insiders: over 1,000 chefs, critics, pizza makers, bakers and industry people in the know.  Where To Eat Pizza will tell you all you need to know from where to find the tastiest Margherita in Naples to the most popular late-night joint in São Paulo.”

Where To Eat Pizza – The Last word on the Slice  Author: Daniel Young Publisher: Phaidon / Hardback Facebook  Instagram & Twitter @WhereToEatPizza  Available for purchase on Amazon  On sale April, 2016

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