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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Chesapeake Farm to Table launching Chesapeake Farm to Home

It was early evening out at the Maryland State Line off 83 North where I met numerous local, sustainable farmers at Oak Spring Farm; all of them are part of the food hub The evening titled Fall Harvest Feast had chefs, caterers and restaurateurs enjoying the bounty of Chesapeake Farm to Table food hub farmers, ranchers, beekeepers, and dairies. Restaurateurs and chefs had round name tags and the farmers were square, all in the desire to open dialog between the two. Even the seating for dinner had restaurateurs sitting across from the farmers to learn, share and commiserate.

On that evening, chefs from Magdalena, Arômes, Towson Tavern, White Oak Tavern, Silver Queen Café, Turn House conversed with Charlottestown Farm, Rettland Farms, Shepherd’s Manor Creamery, Bee Friendly Apiary, Two Boots Farm, Rastafarmi  and many more. If you go to you will recognize numerous Baltimore area restaurateurs, caterers, and markets that have opted for local, sustainable foods that through Chesapeake Farm to Table are harvested-to-order when ordered online. Harvested-to-order means the produce has not been sitting in a warehouse for days instead one gets fresher, longer shelf life, wholesome products for all to enjoy.

Why the food hub?  These small producers under normal circumstances would not have the wherewithal, time to sell and deliver to the restaurants. Chesapeake Farm to Table, owned by Calvert's Gift Farm’s Jack and Beckie Gurleys, the 2nd certified organic farm in Maryland, have been and are mentors for Future Harvest, an organization that trains future farmers. Many participants in the Chesapeake Farm to Table Food Hub who sell produce have evolved from Future Harvest.     

Coming to your home soon in the next couple of weeks is, this same quality, fresh, local produce, honey, meats and dairy items will be available for the home consumer, harvested to your order and initially picked up at the Catonsville Cooperative Market or Culinary Architecture Partners with a future eye to home delivery. This is not a CSA, with you will go to the website and pick what you want from what is available for harvest. There will be a minimum purchase of $40 to $45 (they are finalizing that detail).  These will be the same produce, meats, dairy, and honey, you enjoy from our favorite local restaurants like Woodberry Kitchen, Gertrudes, The Corner Pantry, The Manor Tavern, Clavel,and many more.   

Mark your calendars to come back to in a couple weeks for greater detail and product availability for ordering for your home.

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·         Chesapeake Farm to Home  Facebook Instagram: @chesapeakefarmtohome 

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