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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Average Dinner in Baltimore Cost $34.23*

The 2009 Zagat Restaurant Survey for Baltimore and Washington DC makes its grand entrance today. The Zagat Survey is celebrating its 29th year reporting on the shared dining experiences of consumers like you. What started in 1979 as a hobby involving 200 of the Tim and Nina Zagat’s friends and associates has come a long way. Today they have over 325,000 surveyors worldwide.

You’ve seen the burgundy and white Zagat Rating signs displayed in restaurant windows or walls that let you know how they were rated for their food, décor and service. The Zagat Ratings aren’t limited to just restaurants; their surveys cover airlines, bars, club, entertaining, golf, hotels, lounges, movies, music, resorts, shopping, spas, theaters and tourist attractions.

Average Price of Dinner

In correlating the surveys for cities nationwide, the Zagats are able to come up with a national average for dinner. Based on their surveys, the national average for dinner* is $33.86 with Washington DC being $35.13 and Baltimore $34.23.

*The survey asks you to estimate the cost of a dinner with one drink (if you had one) and tip per person. It is broad stroked and leaves me with the question what constitutes a dinner: an appetizer and/or salad, entrée, and dessert or just an entrée and a drink ~ that requirement is not clearly defined.

Before dining at any restaurant may I recommend checking the restaurant’s website to check out their menu and pricing. Keep in mind that on many restaurant''s sites the menus aren’t updated often; however, it is a good overview.

Dining Dish Survey

This is the Dining Dish Survey, though I doubt that Tim and Nina Zagat have anything to worry about, let’s see what you say. So, in conclusion, what constitutes a dinner out for you? Is it one course, two courses or three? Do you dine out with a budget in mind? Have your dining habits changed in the past 6 months? Speak up!

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