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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Best BBQ Ribs Recipe

Yes, I know “best” is subjective when it comes to food but First Timer Ribs are the best ribs I’ve ever made and eaten. The recipe is from the king of barbecuing, Steven Raichlen (a Bawlmer Boy). If you can get your hands on some baby back ribs and you like to be king of your barbecue domain then this recipe will bring you praise beyond belief. Take the opportunity to get high on the food praise, enjoy the ribs' fireworks of oohs and aahs, but most of all, relish these delicious ribs. Make extra.

I use the standard, always reliable, Weber Charcoal Kettle Grill and follow every nuance of Steven’s instructions. In fact, I would love an invite if you are making them. Here is the link to the recipe.

I’ve made this recipe at least 5 times so I consider myself an authority on their preparation. If you have any questions- jot me an e-mail at

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