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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Gin Mill - much more than I expected

Over the years I have ridden by the Gin Mill on Boston Street where Fells Point ends and Canton begins. I thought of it as one of many bars in the neighborhood where the 20 year olds partied, never as a restaurant. Brian Lawrence of Style Magazine, one of my dining buds the evening I was there states on his blog “the Gin Mill of old— when both upstairs and downstairs bars would be packed shoulder-to-shoulder on weekends with beer-quaffing revelers.”

Things do change and yet remain the same

Luke and Lester Reeder have owned the Gin Mill for 15 years and for awhile others managed it but the Reeder boys took it back a couple of years ago. As they have matured, the Gin Mill has matured. Read the full report and check out the photo slide show:
The Gin Mill - much more than I expected

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