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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Matzoh Ball Theory of Restaurant Reviews

Food, like many other things is subjective. How do you judge that a dish is good, bad or lackluster? I have my own theory, it is the Matzoh Ball theory.

The foods we grew up eating tend to be our guideline, i.e. - soft fluffy matzoh balls or solid, chewy, heavy matzoh balls. I'm a fluffy matzoh ball kind of gal. My mother would just die when her's weren't light as air. If I go into a restaurant that serves chicken matzoh ball soup and the matzoh balls are heavy as lead - to me, the soup is a disappointment but if you grew up like many of my friends on the heavy dense balls, it is a good soup.

My suggestion is to read many of the reviewers restaurant reviews, especially from restaurants that you have gone to and see if your feelings are on par with theirs. If you seem to be at the opposite end of the spectrum then it is a pretty good shot you'll like places they don't.

If every one dishes a place there is nothing subjective about that. Let your taste buds be your own guide.

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John said...

I like that theory. And I've hardly ever eaten matzoh balls! Though my mother did make many a Bisquick dumpling to go into her pressure-cooked chicken soup. They were a bit salty, a little dense but pleasantly dry and spongy in the middle, which was a nice contrast to the soft, gooey outside of the dumpling.


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