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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Have you eaten a Harley burger?

Today, as the husband and I detoured today down Druid Hill Avenue, past my former elementary school and long-gone Carlin’s park, we chatted about their ice rink, roller rink and swimming pool. I immediately flashed back to the pan of Harley burgers sitting in the mystery red sauce that was served at the pool’s food pavilion.

I’m not sure what the red sauce was and I’m food curious if any of you might have an idea what was in it? I did like my Harley burgers. I know they were tasty, yes! – healthy, aaah doubtful. I’m not sure what kind of meat was in them, supposedly beef.

Don’t talk amongst yourselves; the floor is open to discussion.


Anonymous said...

I have been trying to find a Harley Burger still in existence. That burger with the fried onions and sauce were to die for. Are there any still open anywhere in Maryland/DC??

Anonymous said...

Are there any Harley Burgers stgill open in the Maryland/Dc area? I would drive a distance for one.

Margaret Shock said...

I would love to find a Harley's store. The burgers were so good and tender with the red sauce and provolone cheese. My mother even tried to duplicate the recipe, close but not quite the same. They are all gone, don't know of any in Maryland, does anyone know of any other states that have it? thx,


zenwick said...

No, Harley's is long-gone. They were local to Baltimore. Harley sold the chain to his manager, and they became Shane's Sandwich Shops for several years, but I believe they were all closed by the mid-80's.


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