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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The bad, the calories – Ripert & Bourdain part 2

The draw for the Foodie Experience at the Hippodrome Theatre were the stars of the show, No Reservation’s Anthony Bourdain and Le Bernardin’s Eric Ripert which I wrote about in Part 1 of the Bourdain & Ripert – the good, the bad and the calories – (Read HERE). When purchasing the tickets you had choices for just the show for approximately $29 or $49, $89 for the show and a post party with gourmet offerings from local restaurants and city food emporiums. If you were flushed and had $250 you get the foodie experience and get to meet the stars of the show (which I think about 60 people paid for that privilege – the number is from one of my sources.)

Read the full story -click: The bad, the calories – Ripert & Bourdain at the Hippodrome part 2

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