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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Italian oasis in Cockeysville strip mall – Vito’s Café

Chef Luca Pesci serving Branzino tableside
There are all kinds of Italian restaurants; Italian American, Italian, Northern Italian, Southern Italian, Tuscan, Sicilian, Sardinian etc. Vito’s Café in Baltimore’s Cockeysville suburb offers a mixed Italian selection of Italian American, Southern Italian and Northern Italian dishes, a broad canvas of tastes and flavors.

Vito’s Chef Luca Pesci is part of the small band of Italian chefs that came to Baltimore in the past 10 plus years when Baltimore restaurateurs could easily help the young chefs to immigrate. Chef Pesci was part of the group of young chefs the likes of Fabio Mura –Cardedu, Sardinia, Davide Rossi-Milan, Gianfranco Fracassetti –Sedrina,Bergamo.

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