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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Baltimore Grand Prix let down

As the tourist poured into Baltimore for the first inaugural Grand Prix race locals stayed away. Fear of crowds, fear of no parking, and fear of traffic snafus – Baltimoreans deserted downtown.  If you speak to restaurateurs they will tell you Friday night was a bust.  No clients, even the Gathering of food trucks  was slower than their previous Friday evenings.

A quick conversation on Facebook with area restaurateurs validated the situation.  Saturday night picked up but wasn’t “all that.”  Little Italy was also set with special al fresco dining; everything looked festive per Gia Daniella of CafĂ© Gia.  It was near 5 p.m. when she posted, “we definitely have the spirit! We need the people.”  Fells Point restaurateur Nancy Longo of Pierpoint said the restaurant was dead as well as Canton, Inner Harbor East.  

Read the full story  : Baltimore Grand Prix let down

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