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Monday, September 05, 2011

Gino Giant, the double burger with special sauce. Is it still special?

My curiosity has been piqued with the comeback of Gino’s.  How many hours of my errant youth were spent driving in circles through the Gino’s parking lot on Reisterstown Road – too many.  I remember the Gino Giant, a double burger with the special sauce way before McD’s came to town.  But could I remember any difference between the Big Mac and the Gino Giant? At my age, remembering why I walked into a room is an accomplishment.  My best recollection is the Gino Giant and the Big Mac were pretty much the same.

A couple weeks ago after we took my father-in-law out for his 90th birthday we drove by the new Gino’s on Joppa Road. In the rain, people were still in line out the door.  But today, while perusing my Facebook page I see that my husband had foursquared he was at Gino’s

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